In search of activities that we could try while in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, we rely mostly on KKday and on this journey, we opted for a Ninja Experience in Sapporo and booked it via KKday.
Our stay in Sapporo is the longest so we have to really look for places and exciting things to do while in the area. One of those activities is to try Ninja training (which I really am eager to do, because you know, Naruto) and the basics of being a ninja.

Sapporo Ninja Experience

The Sapporo Ninja Experience starts at 10:00 am and we have to be at the meeting place at least 10 mins before our session starts. We have to be early because Japanese are known to be time-conscious and are never late, unlike us, Filipinos, who usually have a “Filipino Time” or being late for a few minutes to even an hour.
Our meeting place is located at the foot of Sapporo TV Station and is just a mere 10 minutes walk from where we stay, an Airbnb in a residential building in Sapporo.
By 9:45 AM, we were already at the meeting place, and in about 5 minutes, our ninja driver is already at the station as well.

Hokkaido Ninja Do!

Hokkaido Ninja Do is the activity partner of KKday and it’s where we are heading. Our ninja driver, Kosetsu, was amazing because he also knows how to speak Bisaya, a Filipino dialect mostly spoken in the mid-southern parts of the Philippines. Apparently, he lived in the Philippines for three (3) years and worked there as a tour guide in Cebu catering Japanese clients and guests, and to also learn how to speak good English because, in Asia, the Philippines is known to be also an English speaking country.
While he is driving us to the dojo, he made us watch a short video, about 10 mins long, to learn about what a ninja is and what a ninja does. He also mentioned he is a “modern ninja” because he drives a car and makes use of technology a.k.a. smartphone to make us watch the video.
After merely 10 minutes, we have arrived. The dojo is located in the lower ground area of a building. There also was a door with a signage “Closed” because he said that it is used to deceive enemies. What a way to start Ninja training!


Ninja Training Preparation

When we got in, he made us fill a form (because still, this is an activity) and asked us to change from our regular winter clothes to ninja costume. While changing, he also made us watch a movie about ninja training.
It was really hard for Jane to maintain the hot temperature so she had a little hard time coping with the cold, she loves cold weather but not winter. The studio (dojo) also somehow lacks heating during winter so Jane still felt cold even after changing to ninja costumes.

Start of Sapporo Ninja Experience: Ninja Training

When another door opens, there was another person, in a Neko mask, it was Sensei Yama, the head of the Hokkaido Ninja Do. He is the one who will be teaching us how to be ninjas and our ninja driver, Kosetsu, was his assistant.
Kosetsu explained about the hand gestures that are required for being a ninja. Next, the difference between Samurai and Ninja and the weapons they use.

Sensei Kosetsu also thought us the techniques of a ninja on how they walk and how they could sneak in a place without being noticed or even get lost in the eye of the enemy by using the trapdoors.
sapporo-ninja-experience-via-kkday-must-try-activity-when-in-sapporo sapporo-ninja-experience-via-kkday-must-try-activity-when-in-sapporo
After we have perfected the trial, we then moved on to the next activity involving skills and physical capacity.

Physical Training: Being a Ninja

Sensei taught us about how to yield a ninja sword. Jane wasn’t really into these kinds of stuff but I can she’s enjoying so I am extra happy and eager to experience and be good at this activity.
The physical training involves yielding of sword and making use of throw weapons as we know about ninjas. Imagine yourself as a ninja, you could throw shurikens with accuracy and strength. In this next part of the training, it exercises our good sense of throwing things into a target.
sapporo-ninja-experience-via-kkday-must-try-activity-when-in-sapporo sapporo-ninja-experience-via-kkday-must-try-activity-when-in-sapporo
This part of the training also involves wall climbing and rope swinging so you’ll really have to use your strength as well. We also tried to blow darts, star-throwing, and kunai throwing. It really was a fun activity, what more if you are a group doing this?


Mind Training: Being a Ninja

Of course, the mind is the best asset a ninja could have. Without knowledge, one cannot be a ninja. In this part of the activity, we were asked to solve a puzzle, and when we got to solve it, there is a clue to the next challenge. You need to think about what the image pertains so you could finish the training.
What is it? I won’t tell because it’s a challenge you should be able to finish yourselves.
After solving the puzzle and getting the item needed, we were given our certificates (or ranks) like a ninja! HAHA!
I got Jounin certification while Jane got Genin certification. If you are a Naruto fan, you’d know how these ranks are different. 🙂

Souvenir Items

At the dojo/studio, there also are all kinds of merchandise ranging from the smallest items a ninja could have to the larger things a collector could get. The small ones are really cheap, and I bought one set of Kunai for only 500 JPY.

How to Book for the Sapporo Ninja Experience

  1. Go to KKday Website or click the direct link below:

    Sapporo Ninja Experience

  2. Select your preferred date and time slot.
  3. Click Book and proceed to payment.
  4. The booking details will be sent to you when your booking is confirmed.

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WiFi in Hokkaido

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