ATV Adventure in Paracale | Camarines Norte


ATV Adventure in Paracale, Camarines Norte

After our island adventure in Maculabo Island, we also did manage to create another memorable experience by riding an ATV and driving thru the rough terrain in Paracale. With so many things to do in Paracale, here’s one that’s really memorable.


Our group was accommodated by RRC ATV Motors to try their vehicles and drive thru the terrain only ATVs and buggy cars can drive on. Starting at Candelaria Beach Resort, you will surely enjoy the thrilling ride of your life.
ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, meaning you can drive it on over the rocks, the mud, the sand, etc, and maintain a good balance while driving it. If you know how to drive an automatic motorbike, this surely will be easier for you. If you happen to know nothing about driving, you can still go with a partner or learn how to drive this because driving an ATV, believe me, is really easy.


ATV Trail and Destination

According to RRC ATV Motors founder, Christian, the difficulty level of the terrain goes from easy to medium. The medium to hard difficulty terrain is still being constructed. It’s also known as “The Golden Trail”.
Starting at Candelaria Beach Resort, you will drive thru a rough terrain that is extra muddy when wet or when it’s raining, and also kind of slippery when under the same conditions. If the sun is too hot, you will definitely be eating pounds of dust.
atv-adventure-in-paracale-camarines-norte-rrc-atv-motors atv-adventure-in-paracale-camarines-norte-rrc-atv-motors
There’s also a steep part on the terrain and your partner needs to hold on to you. It’s what makes it kinda’ dangerous but it’s also an exciting part. When you get to the summit of the terrain, you would see a 360º view of everything, the beach, the town, even the island nearby. You will also find a mountain range and cliffs, plus a grotto.
It’s also the meeting point and resting point of all the ATV users. In this area, you will also find a great sunset as it is the highest point of the terrain. Everything in the area was bliss and like a paradise. The sunset, breathtaking and gorgeous as it could be.
atv-adventure-in-paracale-camarines-norte-rrc-atv-motors atv-adventure-in-paracale-camarines-norte-rrc-atv-motors
We stayed here for a little while and took pictures of the surrounding beauty. We also took pictures at the cliffs as they really give a great view. While staying, we also ate our merienda prepared by the Tourism Office of Paracale and took a few more minutes of rest.
After the sun sets, we drove back to the starting point, at Candelaria Beach Resort.


RRC ATV Motors Contact

To book for your experience, you can directly message their Facebook page and ask for rates or call them thru their numbers below.
Address: RSM Building Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Maharlika Highway Vinzons, Camarines Norte
Phone number: 0929 478 5711



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