How to Have an Amazing Road Trip Around Eastern Australia


Road Trip Around Eastern Australia -
One could safely say that the Land Down Under is a vast and diverse continent, riddled with natural and human-made wonders across the map. Wherever you may go, wherever the wind might take you, there is no shortage of adventure as you are bound to discover a natural treasure here or an urban gem there.
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However, the sheer size and the countryside that varies greatly in terrain and accessibility require thorough planning and preparation before you set sail into the unknown. You don’t only need to pack your supplies and ensure your vehicle is in top road trip condition, but also plan your destinations in order to experience as much along the way as possible. Also, make sure the vehicle you opt for has got night vision dashboard camera and good-quality bar LED light bareastern Australia
Here is how you can have an amazing road trip around Eastern Australia that will take you through Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, even to Adelaide from Darwin. But before you start your adventure, make sure you have a packing list for a road trip such as this.
Road Trip Around Eastern Australia -

Brisbane to Sydney

The road down the east coast is riddled with excitement, and while you will be able to stop at numerous cities along the way, you should definitely visit the national parks and quaint little town and villages that are situated off the main roads. eastern australia
Travelling south from Brisbane, you will immediately find yourself unable to resist making a stop at the famous Gold Coast, one of the most popular skydiving places in the world. From there you have the option to travel the road further south or take a right turn from the Coast towards the Lamington National Park where you will be greeted with the breathtaking inland scenery.
Be wary though, Lamington is Adjacent to the Border Bridges and Mebbin National Parks, and if you’re a true outdoor aficionado, you will find yourself taking a much longer detour than you previously planned.
The M1 expressway takes you down the coastal path through towns and villages towards Newcastle and Sydney. You can make a stop at the beautiful Byron Bay and climb its lighthouse (don’t forget your camera) before proceeding to Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour for some well-deserved r’n’r.
Your next stop is Port Macquarie and the Crowdy Bay National Park after which you can head straight for Newcastle, Central Coast and of finally, Sydney.

Road Trip Around Eastern Australia -

Sydney to Canberra

Once you’ve had the chance to rest and resupply in the gem of NSW, you can continue towards the nation’s capital, Canberra. You can reach Canberra either through the Kanangra-Boyd National Park or the coastal town of Wollongong. Either way, you will take the M31 until you reach the M23 turn for Canberra. Be sure to stop at Lake George before entering the city. eastern australia
If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can delay your visit and head out to the Blue Mountains, Yengo and Wollemi National Parks outside of Sydney. Bear in mind that although well-kept, the roads can be tricky, and no matter where you’re headed, you need to have a trusted mobile mechanic on speed dial in case anything goes awry. However, these national parks are vast and are homes to numerous intriguing animal species as well as natural wonders that are bound to steal your heart. It would be a shame not to experience their beauty.
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Canberra to Melbourne

If you were in a hurry to reach Melbourne, you would simply get back on the M31 expressway, but since you’re on a road trip, you want to take the B52 road back to the main, A1 coastal highway. Once there, you will find numerous resting stops along the way, from National Parks and quaint towns to lakes and bays. Be sure to make a stop at Mystery Bay and the breathtaking Pambula Beach. eastern australia
The road will give you plenty of stopping opportunities, either to rest and resupply or to visit yet another natural wonder. Of all the possibilities along the way, you should definitely stop at the Cape Howe Marine National Park and Lake Wellington, after which you can head straight to Melbourne via the A1-M1 expressway or take the A440 to Nooramunga Marine & Coastal Park and the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park. From there you can make a final stop at French Island before heading into the city.


Road Trip Around Eastern Australia -

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve had one heck of a road trip! Be sure to devote plenty of time to city explorations as well, as all of these magnificent metropolises have plenty to offer to any adventurer with their positive, vibrant cultures.  Lastly, you should always be ready for some quick car repair equipment if you go for such road trips. Halfords would surely help you find few basic repairing accessories which you can carry within your car at economical prices.”


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