In the previous articles, I’ve mentioned that we had a day tour in Indonesia. Why? Because we’re only a day away before going back to our home country.

Here’s your guide to enjoying a day in Bintan and exploring a part of the island. Seriously, one day isn’t really enough so you better book for Indonesia longer.

In this article, however, features a great and affordable family and or couple staycation offered by a resort in Bintan, the Treasure Bay. If you want to spend a whole day, this resort will take good care of you and your pocket.


Treasure Bay Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan is a 338-hectare waterfront resort located in Bintan, Indonesia, just an hour away from Singapore and 10-mins by walk from the ferry station in Bintan.

Once you have arrived at the station, just walk your way to the exit gate and go straight ahead. The entrance to Treasure Bay Crystal Lagoon is on your left.

For more images, here’s a link to FB page’s gallery of Treasure Bay Crystal Lagoon.

What to See and Do in Treasure Bay?

Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon is the first in South East Asia. It’s a manmade saltwater/seawater lagoon at 6.3 hectares. An extensive range of activities awaits you in this area. The lagoon’s seawater is filtered, hence, delicate on the skin and isn’t too salty if you get a taste. It was said to have the perfect water condition all year round. It is also eco-friendly and is safer than regular swimming pools with too many chemicals added to it.


Treasure Bay Bintan -

The lagoon offers a wide range of water activities, leisure, and fun. Here are some things to do in Bintan. Treasure Bay

Water activities include the following (and more):

Water Sports Park

  • An inflated structure mostly used for team building and or child play. This can hold up to 40 people and serves as an obstacle course for sporting events or pure play.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Jetovator (with coaching)

  • Wanna feel like a rocketeer? Then this one is definitely for you! The Jetovator is the most exciting aerial water activity to try. You get to wear a water sports accessory that redirects water to propel and elevate riders into mid-air.
    Treasure Bay Bintan -
    Photo from official treasure bay website

Water ZOVB

  • Jumble your world with the Water ZOVB! You are put inside an inflatable clear ball and your world will surely go upside down and sidewards.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Giant Water Slide

  • This slide is not your regular water slide. You can do this at unlimited times and this is the cheapest of all the activities. Slide all day!

Bumper Boat

  • You know what it means, it’s time to go bumping each other! This one will surely bring your memories back from childhood when you’re in a bumper car. It’s large and comfortable, all you need to do to is to chase the other riders and give them a bump.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Aquaglide Sailboat

  • Wanna sail and windsurf? Then here’s one good sport for you to try in Treasure Bay Bintan. This compact inflatable sailboat converts easily to a windsurfer, a kayak or a towable within minutes and is able to seat up to three people comfortably.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Stand-Up Paddle

  • We all know how this works. It’s a fun activity to try because you’ll have to maintain balance. It’s good for all ages. It’s even easier to be done at the lagoon as there will be no huge waves to make you imbalance.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Inflatable Kayak

  • If you would want to explore the lagoon and the area, then this is perfect for you. Paddle your way to every corner while enjoying the heat of the sun. Treasure Bay Bintan - https://twobudgettravelers.comTreasure Bay

Sea Scooter

  • Glide effortlessly underwater. It’s like a vacuum with the air blowing out. But there is nothing to see below the lagoon. It’s pure white. But if you’d like a snorkeling at a new level, you can try this.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Bintan Wake Park

  • Ever tried wakeboarding? Yes, there is also one at Treasure Bay! Ready your body for an adrenaline ride! Only a maximum of 3 falls per ride, though, so you gotta be careful and smart!Treasure Bay Bintan -

The Crystal Lagoon does not only offer water activities.

They also have a wide variety of land and outdoor fun for everyone!


Two-Wheeler Personal Transportation

  • Zip around the Crystal Lagoon on the coolest 2-wheeler! All it takes is a quick tutorial and you will be on your way.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Electric Scooter

  • Take the scooter for a ride and explore around the Crystal Lagoon or alternatively, rent an electric scooter for a day and explore Bintan island. Visit the local village 10 minutes away or the newest Lagoi Mall about 20 minutes away.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Classic Car Fun Ride

  • Ever wanted to ride a classic car? Here’s your chance! Enjoy a vintage Ford buggy ride around the Crystal Lagoon. You may choose to drop off at various points to take a walk before getting back on again.Treasure Bay Bintan -

Mangrove Kayaking Tour

  • Together with the guides, paddle your way to the mangroves of Bintan. Eco-friendly kayaks, dewy fresh air and buzzing of birds, this is definitely ultimate tranquility, with lots of fun!Treasure Bay Bintan -

ATV Off Road Trail

  • Jump onto the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) and run through the private trail of Treasure Bay! ATV rough road rides are one of the best activities for outdoor adventurers!Treasure Bay Bintan -

UTV Off Road Trail

  • UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is best when done with friends! Travel and tackle your way on the rough areas of the road and experience a breath-taking ride of your life.Treasure Bay Bintan -

There are plenty of activities to be honest if you’re about to avail each one, one day at the resort is not enough. I am sure you’d definitely enjoy and love this place as much as we did!

Treasure Bay Bintan -

Where to Stay and Eat in Treasure Bay?

After a whole day of fun-packed activities, I’m sure you’d love to take a good night’s rest and or cook some barbecue and stare at the stars at night. Treasure Bay Bintan is complete with that!

The Canopi

Treasure Bay Bintan -

The Canopi is a glamping type of accommodation suited for anyone. An air-conditioned Safari-themed tent to help you relax and enjoy a good night. Glamping is a growing trend nowadays. The Canopi offers a one-of-a-kind accommodation. A tent with complete amenities inside, a shower room, comfortable bed, private garden, television, and WiFi. A new way to treat your eyes with a new view.

Experience a night with a touch of nature and glamor at Treasure Bay.

Rate starts at 1.5m Indonesia Rupiah per night.

The Patio: Bar and Restaurant

Treasure Bay Bintan -

The Patio features an all-day dining menu with a selection of local cuisines as well as international favorites.  You may also choose to have your own private self-service barbecue in your private garden at The Canopi.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning views of Crystal Lagoon while sipping The Patio’s signature cocktails along with cool beach tunes playing in the background. Treasure Bay

Treasure Bay Bintan
Entrance Fee Day Access: 100,000 Indonesia Rupiah (US$7)
Activities are paid separately or you can avail their package.

The Canopi
Phone: (+62) 770-69-2252/2253

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