So it was my big day when we went to Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark (or Coco Valley Resort – as some people call it). My girlfriend set this up for me (yes, I’m lucky blessed!) for my birthday. She said it was a surprise but later told me where we would go because she doesn’t know how to get to the resort.

Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark

Our home is like 45 mins from the location and I’m quite familiar with the place. From my home to the resort, it was only less than 80 pesos for both of us.
It was around 8 pm when we got there. After paying our entrance and cottage fee, we looked around to check a good spot to spend the night. The first cottage we head to, the one that the staff designated for us, was okay but the people beside our cottage was too loud. They were all boys with loud music and they keep on shouting. Actually, both sides had their speakers’ volume maxed. It was a goog location but our neighboring cottages are a mess.
We asked for a change of location. I think it was cottage number 25. At least, there was lesser noise this time and we’re near the shower area.
Now let’s talk about the pool and the waterpark. The pool’s infinite river is surrounded by colorful lights which make the resort special and known for. The lights change every now and then from blue to violet to red to green and since it’s light is in the water, it blends to different more colors.
They also have a kiddie pool and a regular pool equipped with fun stuff (play area, slides) for kids and adults. You’d definitely want to take a photo of their facilities especially the night lights underneath the pool.
They only have the colorful lights on the infinite river and regular lights on the regular and kiddie pools.
By the way, if you’re going to bring a laptop, they would require you to pay 50 pesos if you want to bring it in. This is if you would not want to leave it at the counter. 

How to get to Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark?

If you’re coming from Manila, just ride a van heading to Paliparan (Dasmariñas, Cavite). Bus terminals are everywhere. There’s one in MoA, Ayala, Buendia, Pasay Rotonda, Baclaran, Lawton, etc.
Fare from: Ayala (75 Php), MoA & Pasay Rotonda (55 Php), Baclaran (45 Php)
Note: Fare price may vary. Travel time is around 45 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the traffic.
Drop off at JETTI GAS STATION (last stop). From the gas station, just walk towards the resort. It’s only 5 mins away.

Rates at Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark

Day Swimming (8AM-5PM)
Adult: P180
Children: P160
Senior/PWD: P140
Night Swimming (6PM-4AM)
Adult: P200
Children: P180
Senior/PWD: P160
*Children below 2.5 feet are free of charge
*Cottages Rates ranges from P500 to P1800
*They also offer air-conditioned room accommodation with in-house bathroom good for 2 pax P2000 (10hours) P3500 (22hours) + P250 for every succeeding hours + P300 per pax
*”Salbabida” Rental P150
*Reservation is not required but if you’re a large group, better call them to reserve your cottage.


Amenities and Facilities

Kiddie Pool (Park Pool)
Regular Pool
Lazy Pool (Infinite River) – this is the one with the cave thingy. Note: It’s really not a cave pool.
Snack Bar
Air-Conditioned Rooms
Buoy Rental
UPDATE: They now have live bands.

Honest Review about Coco Valley Resort

-Don’t expect too much. The area is small which could get crowded during peak season.
-The regular cottages are a small nipa hut (Php 500), but they have regular and little larger cabanas, though.
-The cottages are beside one another. You better look after your belongings when going around.
-There was some slimy thingy on the pool (all pools) when we got there so we opted not to goof and swim for long. I don’t know, maybe those are mucus from colds (sipon) or (hopefully not) sperm. Probably from the first people who swam for the day.
-No control over loud music coming from neighboring cottages.
-Kinda pricey items from the Snack Bar.
-Not so much coconut trees in the area (it’s just a name anyway. LOL).
-They said that the staff was kind and approachable. Maybe yes, because they let us change the cottage. 🙂
-The infinite river was great! The pool lights made this resort so popular.
-Kid-friendly and family friendly resort.
-Snack Bar is 24 hours. You may order food or buy liquors as well.
-Operates 24 hours. There was even a group who checked-in at 2 am.

Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark

Contact No./s
SMART – 0921 937 0908
SUN – 0933 570 1908
GLOBE – 0916 986 7508
Address: 315 Paliparan 3, Dasmariñas, Philippines

Coco Valley Richnez Waterpark Gallery