5 Destinations in Southeast Asia for Adventure Loving Travelers

Awwww, Asia. There’s nothing quite like throwing a backpack on your back, boarding a flight, and exploring all that this stunningly beautiful continent has to offer. Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesian, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia have all been considered top travel destinations among backpackers and luxury travelers alike.

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Maybe you’re already dreaming about visiting the world-famous diving destination of Koh Tao, Thailand. Or perhaps you gravitate more towards the city streets of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Wherever you choose to visit, you’ll have the adventure to last you lifetimes.
Not quite sure about how to start your adventure? Visiting one – or all – of these destinations, tourist secrets things to do in Asia, and all over the globe not only offer up adventure but will teach you a thing or two about the local culture and traditions. Destinations in Southeast Asia

Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

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It’s no surprise that a country comprised of over 7,000 islands offers tons of opportunities for water sports like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Enjoying all that the ocean has to offer is a huge perk of visiting the Philippines, but that’s not the only thing that will keep you busy. Destinations in Southeast Asia
When you make your way to Mt. Pinatubo on the island of Zambales, the stunning site might literally shock you. This active volcano last erupted back in 1991, creating a huge crater on top of the mountain. Over time, this crater filled with water, and now the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake is one of the best places for adventure travelers in the Philippines.
If hiking a huge active volcano isn’t your thing and you’d rather spend time in and near the water, there’s no place like El Nido. El Nido is actually the spot that inspired Alex Garland to write his famous novel, The Beach. Many travelers start off in Coron before making their way to El Nido. You can easily book your ferry ticket from Coron to El Nido for cheap and it only takes a few hours.

Sanur, Indonesia

Sanur Beach | Photo by Wahyu Saputra | Unsplash

Chances are you’ve heard of the Indonesian island of Bali, but it’s less likely that you’re familiar with the Balinese town of Sanur. Some of the more well-known travel destinations on Bali are Canggu, Kuta, and Ubud. Unlike those three spots, Sanur is wildly underestimated. We’re not exactly sure why this is, and we feel that it should be at the top of your Bali checklist.


Vientiane, Laos

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If you’ve visited the Golden Triangle, you can officially say that you’ve visited Laos. However, you really can’t say you’ve been to Laos until you’ve made a trip to the capital city of Vientiane. Since it is, in fact, the capital city, most travelers to Laos have heard of it, so you can’t necessarily label it as “under the radar”. Destinations in Southeast Asia
However, some travelers still do since it is a quiet peaceful city that is perfect for experiencing the true Lao culture. There are plenty of attractions – both natural and manmade – in and near Vientiane, including the Buddhist temple Wat Si Saket and the Victory Gate war monument. All in all, Vientiane is a great spot to eat good food, stay in cheap yet nice accommodations, and just take in all that Laos has to offer.

Cardamom, Cambodia

Located in the southwestern part of Cambodia, the Cardamom Mountain Range is a display of undeniable beauty. The Washington Post says that the mountain range is full of secrets, and that “until recently, the Cardamom Mountains were simply off-limits. War raged in these quiet emerald peaks, named for the heady spice that grows here, until the mid-1990s.”
There were some fairly bloody battles that took place here during the war, which is part of the reason that Cardamom isn’t visited by many travelers. Another reason is that most tourists gravitate towards the famous Angkor Wat, and the two are on opposite ends of Cambodia.

Ke Ga, Vietnam

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It’s difficult to compare the coastlines all throughout Southeast Asia. Some are great for diving, some for surfing, and some for just fishing. In Ke Ga, Vietnam, the coastal village offers something special: a look into the age-old fishing traditions of the Vietnamese people. This small fishing town is certainly not known for its hustle and bustle. In fact, time feels like it has stopped completely when in Ke Ga. Destinations in Southeast Asia
The beauty of visiting Ke Ga is that it’s only a short trip from Ho Chi Minh city. You can leave the craziness of Ho Chi Minh in the morning and be in Ke Ga by lunchtime – where of course you should enjoy some fresh-caught fish. If you’ve got a full day to kill, consider hiring a private boat driver to take you to the nearby island where a French colonial lighthouse from 1889 still remains to this day.



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