We know that there are a lot of things we can do in Boracay. There’s island hopping during the day and more activities like Banana Boat, ParaSailing, Helmet Diving, Scuba Diving, etc. During the afternoon, you can witness the best sunsets while on the beach, sipping a cold glass of Margarita, and thinking about the things you have done for the day. Oh, how beautiful could that be. Plus a great accommodation to relax in. Oh, life!
Paraw Sunset Sail -
Boracay has been tagged as one of the best islands in the world for how many years already. Even though that there have been major developments done in the recent years, it still has that unique beauty that everyone is looking out for. One of those unique beauties is the sunset. Boracay gave the best sunset views for God knows how long already which makes afternoons in this island very relaxing. If you’re one looking for adventure while chasing the sunset in his God-blessed island of Boracay, Paraw Sunset Sailing is the best option for you. paraw sunset sail
There are a lot of ways to relax and chill in Boracay Island but this one is truly special.

What is a Paraw (Parao)?

A Paraw is another term for boats without such motors and propellers, only driven by wind and sail. The three major elements that make a paraw are; the bangka, the katig, and the layag.

Paraw Sunset Sail with Red Pirates

We booked our Paraw Sunset Sail via Boracay.Travel, a well-known travel and tours agency in Boracay. You may check their FB page and their website for other tours as well. The booking was a breeze, communication was efficient with complete details, meet-up, and pick-up points are there on the information sheet. Do note that you should print your booking voucher upon reaching the site to start sailing. Red Pirates Bar, the meetup place, is located on Station 3.
We arrived at the Red Pirates Bar around 5:00 pm. We actually thought that the sail had already started and the boat has already left. We were quite surprised that we are the only guests at that time. The day had been rough and there was almost no sunshine during our Island Hopping tour as the weather in Boracay was quite gloomy. We even called the bar that we will be a little late as our tricycle ride was slow due to traffic.
The drinks at our booking were not included. We were advised that it would be best to pick-up some booze and drink while on the sunset sail, and so we did. After ordering our drinks, we head to our Paraw Sailboat.
It was gorgeous! We can’t believe we are about to experience a great one such as this on our visit to Boracay. After a while, we’re off to sunset sailing!

One distinguishable trait about the Red Pirates crew is their red Paraw and a red bandana! Truly a red pirate they are! paraw sunset sail
We have created a video as we were truly speechless about this one of a kind experience. Click PLAY to view our Paraw Sunset Sail video!

Paraw Sunset Sailing Experience

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Words are truly not enough to show you how we are awe-inspired about our experience in Paraw Sunset Sailing. It’s truly indescribable. The shifting of sunset hues from red to orange, from violet to blue is a great feeling and is like a meditation without meditating. The color of the ocean, the color of the sky, it’s like a dream in reality or reality in a dream, whatever you prefer, it’s a dreamy experience.
I even heard of couples getting engaged during their Paraw Sail. Hmm, that is a great idea, right? As a romantic kind of guy, I could have that considered into one of the many options to propose. 😉 You could do it too! paraw sunset sail
Sunsets are always romantic. Boracay sunsets are indeed, truly amazing, and has a hidden magic in it. We’ll never get tired of spending an afternoon sunset and its romantic views.

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