Only the most talented employees can ensure business growth and success. They prefer a modern office with good work environment more than their pay package. Maybe your office is lagging behind in this respect. Then, it is high time to revamp the office.  In case you are struggling, here are 8 ways to do that.

1. Open out the office space

Modern office theme is to have leaders and not bosses. So, cubicles and hierarchical sitting are no longer necessary in the modern offices. They simply trap people inside and make them isolated. Ditch the cubicles and let the employees sit in a large hall.
This increases communication at work and also makes the employees more collaborative. There is no assigned sitting arrangement in open office plans. Only separate working zones for different functions are created.
If required for any specific work, people may regroup themselves or join another group. This helps to build trust and the employees learn to work as a team.  However, create a private space for the works the call for more concentration.

2. Embrace the latest technology

Technology is the lifeblood of modern offices. You cannot expect to survive competition working with outdated software.  Provide the most updated laptops, dual monitor stands, and tablets for office work. This will make your employees happy.
Other than this, joining the social media is another criterion of the modern office arrangement. Explore this to your advantage. There should also be an arrangement for video conferencing. This will save time and a large chunk of the travel costs.
Also, provide free Wi-Fi zone with full access internet throughout the office. Thus, the employees will be able to get connected from anywhere in the office. Power connections and charging stations should also be spread throughout for the sake of convenience.


3. Flexible working options increase efficiency

The modern employees, especially the millennial, do not like fixed office hours. They always want to balance life and work. For this, they prefer flexible working options to manage their family needs. In the flexible working arrangement, they have a feeling of personal control and enjoy working.
A majority of the big houses have implemented these to reduce employ burn out. With the help of the latest technologies, they can always be connected. This also improves the employee morale and they give the best. So, why not start flexible working in your set up?

4. Home-like sitting

Modern employees are required to stay long in the office. This is why most of the organizations are making the workplace as relaxing as possible. Since most of the office works are now done on a laptop, tablet or Smartphone, they can be done from anywhere.
Include cozy sofas and armchairs in the office. You can also get bin bags even, to make it look like a living room. This will let the employees work in a relaxed manner.

5.  Go for ergonomics when you need furniture

Most of the office jobs are now sedentary type. People have to sit for long being glued to the monitor. When you need to have office chairs and desk, then you must invest in the ergonomic furniture. These are specially designed to keep the posture right and provide maximum comfort. One can adjust the height and armrests to lower the risk of injuries.  If required, you can also change a desk into a standing workstation.


6. Have a place to chill

You have to accept that none can focus on the screen continuously. Integrating a breakout area is one of the vital requirements of a modern office. Create a separate room or a dedicate zone away from the workspace.
Get comfortable sofas and play soft music. The employees will be able to relax here for a while between the jobs. This will make them more social. They can also discuss problems with others. Thus, there will always be an informal brainstorming and quality of the work will be improved.

7. Invest in an onsite gym

Modern offices do not support outdated all-work ideas. The current theme is that people can concentrate more when they are physically fit. This made investing in an onsite gym one of the prime criteria of the modern offices. The employees will be able to do some workouts here to break the monotony.
Including indoor games is also a great idea. You can also have a table tennis board. This will let the employees take a break and be charged for the next assignment.  Additionally, you can also have a yoga mat. Doing yoga exercise will make your employees more relaxed and productive.

8. Use wall panels to make it wow

You need to add a wow factor to make your office look more modern. The 3d decorative wall panels can deliver it to your office for the latest look and feel.  These come in a variety of core materials and plenty of designs and textures. You can pick anything from Acrylic, Felt, Gypsum, MDF, Metal, Stone, wood etc based on your choice and preferences.
Other than enhancing the aesthetics, these textured wall panels can also protect the walls.  These have other benefits as well. Noise is a perennial problem in most of the offices with open office plans.  Since people sit together in a hall, reverberations are caused. Having sound dampening properties the wall panels reduce the noise level in the office.
These design driven architectural wall panels are available in almost limitless options. There are wide ranges of collections and ceiling paneling options. They do not require any surface treatment and can be installed easily.
These architectural decorative panels are free from VOC and also have LEED certification. Fire safety is the most important factor in the office. Being class ‘A’ fire rated, they can make your office safe.


Present day employees work for long hours. This is why they prefer a flexible and adaptable office environment. Implementing the above ideas will freshen up the office and give it a more modern look. Why not try these and make it a heartthrob of the next generation employees!



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