Whether you work from home or use your home office for activities like reading and writing, your home office should be a space that inspires productivity and puts you in a creative mood. It should be a corner where you enjoy spending your time.
A home office should be inviting and make you want to indulge in work. This, however, is not the case with most of our home offices. They are often dusty, messy, and overflowing with files and books we haven’t touched for years. No wonder we prefer to work from the bed, couch, or dining table!
It’s high time we spruce up our home office, revamping it into a space that is neat, comfortable, inspiring, and motivating. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.
Inspirations for Sprucing Up a Home Office

Personalize Your Workspace

Some of you might have an entire room dedicated to a home office while others might have a cozy corner in the bedroom or living room. Whatever the size of the space, make it about you!
You can introduce small personal items like a painting, a wall hanging, or a collage on the adjacent wall. You can place interesting items on your desk like a memento from one of your travels or trendy stationery items like a pen holder with a unique design.
Having items in your home office that remind you of good times and successful endeavors can also keep you motivated!

Get Rid of the Clutter

It can be an arduous task to concentrate on the job at hand amidst too much clutter. Therefore, you can start by organizing your papers, files, and books.
Having a desk organizer on your desk or a chic cabinet or shelf in a corner can help you put away things that do not require your immediate attention.
Once well organized, neat, and clean, your desk can be only dedicated to handling the work for the day.


Give Priority to Comfort

Your home office does not need to be like your office at work. It can have a good level of comfort. However, it should not be too comfortable and make you want to lounge rather than work!
Having a nice chair, that is easy to sit on for long hours, good for your back, and at the same time gives you a cozy feel will inspire you to keep working longer.

Let Nature In

There is something about nature that always leaves us feeling our best! Just placing your desk by the window and having the view of a tree or garden with some natural light coming in can make such a big difference. It can keep us feeling fresh and excited about the day ahead.
Depending on personal preferences, some would like to have a vase with an indoor plant, a cactus, or some fresh flowers. Other options would be to have a dry flower arrangement or use natural material like jute and cane.
Whichever way you decide to spruce up your workspace, adding a natural element can bring in a tinge of freshness.

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Inspirations for Sprucing Up a Home Office
Good ambiance inspires productivity and brings forth our creative nature. Some of us might prefer to work in yellow light rather than white light. There are so many options for lighting available.
We can ditch overhead white lights and use scones and lamps instead. Besides lighting, scents, and music can also help create the ambiance. Some swear the smell of potpourri makes them feel at ease or that an aromatherapy oil in a diffuser sparks their creativity.
Whatever it is for you, implement the things that bring you peace and make you feel calm.


The Bottom Line

Keeping your home office neat, clean, and well-organized can help you concentrate on the work at hand. Investing some time in bringing in elements that inspire you can go a long way in boosting your creativity.