The stars aligned in one very specific way to create you and if you want to know more you can use  Café Astrology to understand your star sign. Whether you’re uncertain about your future or want to understand yourself a bit more, astrology can be a good place to start.

From questions on love, individuality, or career, horoscopes can provide you the insight and entertainment you need. If you’re one among those who tend to consult the stars for guidance amid confusion and uncertainty, chances are you’ve heard of Café Astrology before.

It is a popular platform that offers tons of astrology reports, timely horoscopes, and other tools that relate to how the cosmos affect human affairs.  Whether you’re just curious or a believer in astrology, up next we show you how to use Café Astrology so you can get the most out of it. 


What Is Café Astrology?

As mentioned above, Café Astrology works as a popular website focused on providing insights and tools especially designed for people who are fond of astrology. Specifically, through the said site, visitors can access a range of astrology articles, daily horoscopes, compatibility reports, natal charts, reliable love psychic reading website, and more.

Since its humble beginnings, the site has been running under the management of Annie Heese, a student of astrology. Generally, the site was made to accommodate visitors from all walks of life – from the casual browsers, the horoscope newbies, to the experienced astrologers.

How to Determine Your Horoscope Via Café Astrology?

If you’re new to Café Astrology, the first step you must take is to obtain your natal chart. Generally, this refers to the planetary alignments at the exact moment you were born. In other words, this is the snapshot of the universe at the moment you took your first breath.
In astrology, natal charts serve as a map of the soul’s energy and therefore provide a holistic view of a person’s fate and individuality – from his strengths, weaknesses, relationships, to anything that relates to his lifetime.


In the past people often consulted astrologers or referred to astrology books in order to map their natal charts. However, today, thanks to technological advancements, everyone can get their astrology birth chart in only a few seconds.

How To Get Your Natural Chart From Café Astrology

On the home page, the site offers a brief guide on how visitors can start their astrological journey. In a segment titled Where Do I Begin? Café Astrology provided a link to its free natal chart feature (it’s embedded in the text “How to Obtain My Natal Chart”).

To complete your natal chart, the site will ask for the following details: the person’s birth date, year, time, and place. Once you’ve completed the provided form, you will be given a natal chart along with some astrological interpretations.

For further guidance, you can access a list of planets and signs that occupy the natal chart from the upper part of his screen. Among the details you can get include your rising sign, planet signs and houses — and what they could possibly mean.


If you have trouble getting your chart you can email the site at with your full birth information.

What If You Don’t Have Birth Time?

In some cases, visitors may face troubles determining the exact time of their birth. In case this happens, you may simply input Time Unknown for your birth time. This will automatically grant you what Astrologers call a Noon Chart.

However, on the downside, you won’t be able to identify your Ascendant sign, and your Moon signs may not be accurate as they would’ve been with the actual time. However, just having your birthdate can reveal a lot in Astrology.

Once the natal chart has been provided, you can start browsing the site for astrology articles that match his natal chart, compatibility reports, as well as personalized horoscopes.

The Bottom Line

Ready to know what lies ahead of you? Whether you simply want to learn something new or are curious about the whole meaning of horoscopes and stars, Café Astrology can shed a light on a whole new world high above.