How to Go to Bohol from Cebu
and vice versa

Traveling is really a lifetime memory of adventure and even more interesting when you get to experience going to places from one point to another, just like how it is when traveling from Cebu to Bohol in the Philippines.
Many of you might be asking about how to go to Bohol from Cebu and vice versa. Glad you clicked through the link and went here. So below are the processes on traveling to Bohol from Cebu – Cebu City to Tagbilaran.

  1. Get Your Tickets First

    Your tickets are your entrance pass to getting to Bohol from Cebu and we advise you to book your tickets online to save you from the hassle of falling in line under the scorching heat of the sun. Trust me, we went there it was bad.
    We highly recommend getting tickets from KKday for your Oceanjet or Supercat Pass to Bohol. Click the link below to order your tickets and print them.
    Click here to order your tickets for Cebu to Bohol
    Link 1 – Oceanjet
    Link 2 – SuperCat

  2. Be early at the Terminal

    As much as possible, allow at least 1-2 hours of allowance time for your trip just like when you go to the airport. Once you are there, just present your tickets to the guard and get your boarding pass inside.

  3. Get your Boarding Pass

    The boarding pass will tell you the gate number and time of departure. Make sure to always listen to the announcements too. The last thing you don’t want to happen to you is to get left behind by your boat.

  4. Wait for Boarding

    Once you get your boarding pass, you just have to wait until boarding is open. If you feel hungry, there are plenty of stores inside the terminal and you really won’t be hungry there.

  5. Get Inside the ferry and Settle your Things

    Depending on the ticket class you booked (Economy/Tourist/Business), you will be asked to settle on your seats until the journey is finished from Cebu to Bohol. Travel time will be from around 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on the speed of the passenger boat and the sea current. If you happen to go hungry, there’s an in-house store at the ferry.

  6. Welcome to Bohol!

    After your 1-2 hours journey, you will be stepping now at the island of Bohol. If you need tours, we also recommend you to check out KKday offerings as we also booked our tours from their website. See our recommended Bohol Tours below.

    Click below for KKday tours in Bohol

There are many things you can do in Bohol, you can rent a private car (which you can also avail via KKday) or pick the best-suited tours for you and your group.
Getting to Bohol from Cebu is now better than the previous years and with all the technologies we get to have at this time of the century, hopefully, in the future, the travel time and journey from one place to another will be as seamless as it can be.