Some of us are traveling to find ourselves. Some of us are traveling to stay away from the toxins of living in a city full of busy streets and people. Some of us are traveling to keep ourselves away from the pressures of society. Some of us travel to find the love of our lives. We travel because we want to. We travel because it is our choice. 

While we travel, we don’t usually notice the improvement it gives to our lives. We lose frustrations. We start to love ourselves more. We start to recognize other people, their efforts, and even the small things that they do for us. While you are on the road, what you don’t know is that destiny is working passively to find the people who we will love.

Here are 3 stories from real people who found love while they are traveling.

Chris and his Wife

Chris' Love Story -
Chris with her wife and kids

“Traveling is a fantastic way to meet new people, and, surprisingly, it is actually a really good way to find love. You would think that being on the move constantly would make it harder to start a relationship. Fortunately, I can tell you, from personal experience, the opposite is true.

The more you travel, the more your confidence grows. It has to. You are always finding yourself in new situations that force you outside of your comfort zone, so you are always learning new skills. As a result, you become surer of yourself. Suddenly, chatting up a beautiful woman in a bar no longer feels daunting. After all, when you travel a lot, talking to people you don´t know just becomes second nature.

That is exactly what happened to me. I was in a Barcelona bar when a stunning woman walked in and sat near me. Before I started traveling, that would have been the end of the matter. At best, I would have maybe tried to make eye contact, and then just sat there, frozen to my stool, while I watched some other guys chat her up. Instead, I offered to buy her a drink using my best Spanish and went from there. It turned out that we had a lot in common, so much, in fact, that we are still together today. Being able to chat about my travels made it easy to break the ice, and get the conversation going. Of course, there are potential pitfalls to falling in love on the road. For example, not all women want to get too involved with a man that they know has itchy feet.

It was certainly a worry my girlfriend had. Fortunately, I quickly realized this and made it clear I was in no rush to move on. Once she understood that, there was no problem, our bond immediately grew stronger.”
-Chris Brown (

Hali and Katherine - Love on the Road
Hali and Katherine

“I’d been single for over a year and enjoying all its perks and freedom when I met my current boyfriend, Hali.

What happened was this: my friends and I were talking about the best beaches to visit and someone mentioned Jomalig Island. I know that a lot of you are familiar with this place already, but back then it was virtually unknown and only a handful of blogs have talked about it. After doing research, we decided to do an outreach program instead of just the usual beach vacation. Of course, I was already signed up as a volunteer. Our main organizer also invited other people, including those she hasn’t met in person yet but is friends with on Facebook…. and that included Hali. Hali joined as a photographer/videographer to document our voluntourism event.
We first talked on the 6-hour boat ride to the island when I asked to borrow his sunscreen. Once we got to Jomalig Island, we got to know each other a little. The event was successful and all the group members formed a strong camaraderie. We kept in touch and he courted me thereafter.
This happened 2 years ago. We’re now a couple, going strong. He’s currently my best travel buddy and we’d even started a couple travel blog, with me writing and him taking pictures of our travels together.”
-Katherine (read their full story on Tara Let’s Anywhere)

 Aicy and Michael

“Aicy, who lives in the Manila metro area, watched the video on YouTube and then sent me a message on Instagram sharing a few of her favorite spots to visit in The Philippines. I was very happy to receive her recommendations, suggested we meet up while I would be in the Philippines, and then didn’t talk again until I posted that first picture in Bohol.

Sure enough, we got reacquainted and as luck would have it, we would be at the same airport at the same time in Cebu, where we finally met. Although only a brief encounter, highlighted by us continually missing each other (who puts two restaurants with the same name in one airport?!), there was a strong attraction and we continued talking via text throughout my stay in the Philippines.

As a perfect capstone to my memorable Philippines experience, we met in Manila on my last day in the country before heading solo to China. Once again plagued by delays and the infamous Manila traffic, it seemed like time was telling us what we never want it to say. We spent the couple remaining hours of the day walking around a mall that was modeled after Venice, which seemed strangely familiar to our American version in Las Vegas. We were both with friends, and really still too nervous around each other to strengthen our initial bond.


Aicy had a previously planned trip to Taiwan, and I had no real plan to speak of beyond investigating rumors of a large wall in northern China (turns out it’s real). Determined to give this potential international love affair a real shot, we agreed to meet in Taipei for 5 days.. which was to be our first meaningful time together. After talking every day by text and video call, I was eagerly anticipating the date we would meet, even though I had no shortage of life-changing adventures along the way in China and Vietnam.

Fast forward to now. After five perfect days together, we parted ways around midnight. She returned to Manila and I am en route to Bangkok by way of Saigon. I won’t go into any additional detail about our Taipei trip, but I can now describe the most subtle of attributes that I love about this girl. Feeling confident about the strength of our relationship, however new – I felt comfortable enough to share some of our Taiwan highlights on social media. ”
-Aicy and Michael (read their full story on the Endless Mike)

All of these stories started because of the love of traveling, but traveling doesn’t guarantee you getting the love of your life. It may come with many difficulties and challenges but as most people say, “Love conquers all”. Love doesn’t come when you seek for it, it comes when you need it the most.

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